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1. A manufacturer's average work-in-process inventory for a certain part is 1,000 units. The workstation produces this part at the rate of 200 units per day. What is the average time a unit spends at this workstation?

2. The Wilcox Student Health Center has just implemented a new computer system and service process to \improve e±ciency." As pharmacy manager, you are con- cerned about waiting time and its potential impact on college students who \get no respect." All prescriptions (Rxs) go through the following process:
Drop-o® ! Fill Rx ! Pick-up ! Cashier
Assume that students arrive to drop-o® Rxs at a steady rate of 2 Rxs per minute, with an average of one Rx per student. The average number of students in process
(those who
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Buffer 2: T=I/R=40/50=0.8hrs=48 min.
Potential admits flow time=36+2+48+30=116 minutes
Simple Prescription flow time=36+2+48+5=91 minutes
Average T=10%*116+90%*91=93.5 minutes
On average, a patient stays 93.5 minutes in the ER.

Potential admits: I=TR=30/60*(50*10%) =2.5 patients

Simple prescription: I=TR=5/60*(50*90%) =3.75 patients

On average, patients examined by doctors are: 2.5+3.75= 6.25 patients

Average number of patients in the system: I =TR= 93.5/60*50=77.92 patients.
So On average, 77.92 patients are in the ER.

Registration: I=TR=2/60*50=1.67 patients
I=30+1.67+40+6.25=77.92 patients

Answer to Q4:
We get the flow process chart like this:

Buffer 1: T=I/R=20/50*60=24 minutes
Buffer 2: T=I/R=5/50*60=6 minutes
Buffer 3: T=I/R=1/(50*0.1)*60=12 minutes
Buffer 4: T=I/R=15/(50*0.9)*60=20 minutes

Potential admits flow time: T(PA)=24+2+6+3+12+30=77 minutes
Simple Prescription flow time: T(SP)=24+2+6+3+20+5=60 minutes

Average T=0.1*77+0.9*60=61.7 minutes

Under the proposed plan, on average, a patient will stay 61.7 minutes in the ER.
And on average a potential Admit will stay in the ER for 77 minutes.

I(ER)=TR=61.7*50/60=51.42 patients
On average, 51.42 patients will be in the ER.

Average number of patients in the system: I=20+1.667+5+(3/60*50)+(30/60*50*0.1)+ (5/60*50*0.9)+1+15

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