Operating Systems Launched The Pc Revolution Essay

1003 Words Mar 15th, 2015 null Page
Operating Systems launched the PC revolution. Without an operating system the computer would have been nothing more than the Altair 8800, a kit computer for hobbyist. The operating systems has grown from things like UNIX, Mac System Software, and DOS. Modern Operating systems are designed to make using a computer easier through a GUI or Graphical User Interface. In the modern world we still see remnants of the old days through Linux shell scripting and power shell. The original operating systems were controlled through scripting or giving instructions to make it do certain things. As the operating system grew and became more of a consumer product the scripting became hidden in the background under the GUI. Allowing for typefaces, drag and drop, and copy and paste. Operating systems have come a long ways since the early days in Albuquerque and Silicon Valley. Operating Systems no longer solely mean a system for a computer, now tablets, watches, phones, and even glasses have operating systems. Technically an Operating system is a systems that controls a device, the term operating system has been around a very long time, but for this I am using the term to pertain to the computer world only. WYSIWYG (What you see is what you get), this term means that the user sees the end result while a document is being created. This even in today’s world is a big term used when creating programs for users. If a user types in a sentence in notepad, they will see that exact result. WYSIWYG…

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