Online Fashion Start Up Analysis

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The growing use of the internet and social media platforms has given rise to many online startups.This has also increased competition.Therefore, a new startup needs to put in a lot more effort to stand out.Here are 10 coolest online fashion startup to learn from:
1. Vinted.
Vented is an online startup that works as a virtual marketplace. It allows buyers and sellers to buy, sell or swap second-hand clothing items and accessories. When Vinted started operating back in 2008 it gave the audience a personal shopping experience. The online community highly appreciates the fact that they can get their hands on items that were no longer in stores anymore.This too at the convenience of sitting at their home.
The bulls-eye target audience for Vinted
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Love the sales
Love the sales as the name suggests, is a unique website that allows users to shop through all the sales on the internet.It partners with thousands of brands such as River Island, Joe Brown, Jack Wills, Vvienne Westwood e.t.c.Love the sales drills down to minutest details about any product being offered. This online enterprise is now not only limited to fashion.This enterprise focuses on user-centric service that helps the audience engage with sales in the best way possible.
Love the sales faced a drastic decline in their organic search across all devices.It focused on Search Engine Optimisation in order to boost its sales.
3. Pomelo
Pomelo is an online fashion e-tailoring brand founded in 2014.This brand also started up locally and then expanded internationally. It gets180, 000 visitors to the site and almost 1 million page views per calendar month.
Pomelo focuses on social media marketing to generate leads.It creates original photos and videos for its Facebook and Instagram pages and invests heavily in promoting these channels. Currently, 90 percent of its site visitors come through Facebook.
Startups in 2018, should therefore not ignore the importance of social media platforms
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This is a mobile exclusive fashion merchant.It allows customers to have a personalized online shopping experience through their smartphone.
Startups of 2018, can learn platform integration through Mallzee. Mallzee allows customers to select outfits on the mobile application and swipe left if they dislike a garment or right if they like it.Startups could also create this kind of ease for their customers.Likewise, Mallzee also allows the shoppers to share the garment that they like on social media platforms to get feedback from their friends.This shows the brilliant use of platform integration that startups can learn.
6. Leatherskin shop
Leatherskin shop is an online marketplace that sells custom-made leather products along with ready to wear leather garments, products, and accessories.Some of these are leather jackets, leather bracelets, leather handbags, leather caps e.t.c.They have a huge collection on their online showcase and provide the best quality products to their buyers.Leatherskin shop is another startup that practices exceptional marketing

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