Essay on Online College : A New Convenient Option For Students

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While online college sounds wonderful, it requires enormous efforts from students. When talking about online college, students will say things like “I always wanted to school from home.”, or “I can get the degree on my own time.”. Promises that “bait” gullible students into taking online classes. These classes are practically designed to make students fail, or dropout, and schools won’t change the system or close registration for online classes. Ultimately, students are losing money, time, and effort to a flawed program.

With the increasing “boom” in technology and peoples modern hectic schedules, online college was introduced to provide a new convenient option for students. Schools wanted to appeal to more people, and people are always pressed for time. So, online college seamed like a great idea, with one week to complete assignments people could do them anytime of day and any day of the week. However, with the introduction of online courses came problems unique to them. In an attempt to create hassle free higher education option, major problems arose.

First, online classes require a large hidden about of dedication and self motivation. Because there isn’t a class room to keep students focuses or teacher making sure students are getting things done on time, students must rely on themselves to get work done. Something that is harder then expected — one study of over a thousand online students by Tucker Balch (2013), says only 4.5% of enrolled students completed…

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