Essay on One of Clayton County Sheros

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One of Clayton County’s Shero’s
Essie Crawford
Devry University

Ms. Johnnie is an Outreach Coordinator of the Clayton Center where she heads several groups for grandparents, parents, and children. Ms. Johnnie goes above and beyond the call of duty in order to help those in her community and never asking for anything in return. The impressions that she leaves on children are ever –lasting, just as the impressions that the children leave on her. That is something that no amount of money can buy. It is simply priceless.

One of Clayton County’s Shero’s
There are people who do so much and never receive the recognition that they deserve. I ran across someone who truly fits this
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She was actually forced in the career because she did not want to work on the North Side of Georgia because she did not have anyone to assist her with her son. Before social work, Ms. Johnnie worked in the Healthcare and Insurance industry for 22 years. She worked two jobs for 10 years.
Ms. Johnnie’s current position is Outreach Coordinator of the Clayton Center. Her position entails to go out and do health fairs and marketing for the entire agency that consists of five facilities. She also assist clients with community resources such as housing, food, dental care, etc.. Besides that, she also heads several groups which include a parenting group entitled, “Guiding Good Choices”; another group entitled, “Kinship” which is for grandparents who are taking care of their grandchildren; then there is a group entitled, “ PREP” which stands for Personal Responsibility Educational Program. That group is for ages 11-19 which gets in depth about sex education, how dangerous sex can be at a young age, caution of going to the mall with friends because a lot of teens go to the mall to shoplift. Also it focuses on how to teach the youth how to make good choices when it comes to choosing friends, bullying, and making proud choices. Last but not least in the groups that she heads is the Top program which is federally funded for teens ages 11-19 which its main component is to teach life skills and the importance of school. If that isn’t enough, she also assists with

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