One Step For Culinary, Two Steps For Womankind Essay

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One Step for Culinary, Two Steps for Womankind
Cooking has been around for centuries, but in modern times equipment, preparation, and even the food being prepared has changed. As technology and culture make advancements, so does the culinary world. However, it is also the job of chefs to turn food and the food world upside down. Although there are many jobs in the culinary field, I want to be a chef, as they differ from other careers in terms of education, salary, and working hours. In the early times (B.C. and A.D.), cooking was unknown. The flesh and meat of animals was eaten raw or charred over a fire pit. Although the food was eaten like this for some time, technology advanced and earthenware ( pottery made of clay fired to a porous state that can be made impervious to liquids by the use of a glaze) became a culinary breakthrough. Other activities also advanced cooking, such as producing harmless and nutritious plants. Now the techniques of broiling, roasting, baking, boiling, and stewing were possible. This was just the beginning to a long road of culinary history. In modern times, the culinary arts field has flourished. In Georgia, there are about 2,000 chefs employed, whereas, in the United States as a whole there are about one million chefs. This is only expected to increase in the coming years. "Employment of chefs and head cooks is projected to grow 9 percent from 2014 to 2024, faster than the average for all occupations." (Bureau of Labor Statistics)…

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