One Of These Days Characterization

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The difference of characterization

11-4 #28 Jang Dongmin

Characterization is a component of a story that let the readers infer the character’s personalities and development of the stories. The characters’ responses about an incident can be varied according to the character’s different personalities. It is the different responses and reactions of the characters that enable the story to be changed. For this reason, setting the personalities of the characters in the story is one of the most important part in writing a story or a novel. Also, by setting the characters’ personalities diversely, authors can reflect human nature more effectively. Most of the stories have the various characters and each of the characters has different personalities.
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One is the Dentist and the other is Mayor. In the story, the Dentist represent the subjugated class while the Mayor symbolize the dominant class. During the treatment, the Dentist revenge on the Mayor by not using the anesthetic. On the other hand the Mayor threat the Dentist with his revolver. Historically, the subjugated class protest the dominant class and want to change the stratified society. The dominant class constrains the subjugated class and want to control them under their roles. By this background, the dentist reveal his revenge on the Mayor and Mayor abuse his authority to the dentist. The story, “One of these Days” express the describe the character’s personalities indirectly. Therefore, the readers should understand the background of the “One of these days” and analyze the hidden meaning of the script. Because of these reasons, the most of characterizations in the story, “One of these days” are composed of the character’s …show more content…
First, Billy is a visitor to the Landlady’s hotel. When Billy arrives at the hotel, he finds the animals which are stuffed. He thinks that Landlady is extraordinary. However, because of the Landlady’s kindness, Billy trusts Landlady and does not doubt her anymore. Landlady tries to make Billy believe herself. In the story, Billy recognizes the Landlady as an ordinary woman, yet most of readers can notice that the Landlady will stuff and kill him. The story, ‘The Landlady’ have many foreshadowing such as stuffed parrot or tea tasted faintly of bitter almonds and the author, Roald Dahl, try to combine foreshadowing with characterization. Because of this expression, the readers cannot know about the character’s personalities with the conversations in the story. Thus, the reader conclude the personality of characters with the character’s behaviors. By the actions of the characters in the story, Billy is complaisant and innocent man. However, Landlady is the crafty and mean woman. Therefore, the readers can see that Landlady can deceive Billy easily.

“One of These Days” and “The Landlady” use the other method to characterize. Each method gives different and unique joys to the readers. The main characters, Dentist and Mayor, hate each others and their act extremely about the situations. Therefore, their personalities enable the story to be developed dramatically. This also makes readers feel nervous while they read the

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