Summary Of Bobbie Ann Mason's Cathedral By Raymond Carver

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There are many ways to describe a character. Some ways are through dialogue, character description, language etc. “Cathedral” by Raymond Carver and “Shiloh” by Bobbie Ann Mason, both made characters very similar. However, with similarities also comes differences. Both husbands from Carver and Mason’s short stories both felt unwanted by their wives but in different ways. Carver made the husband feel unwanted by making him jealous while Mason made the character feel unappreciated.
In “Cathedral”, Carver made the husband who is also the narrator, jealous of his wife’s friend Robert. One reason he is jealous of Robert is because of how they would write poems about each other. They did not only write poems about each other but, they also sent tapes
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The point of view is a literary device for the short story because the story is told by the husband. Since the story in the first person narrative, it gives the reader more details of the person who is speaking. We can get in more depth about his opinions. I chose humor for a literary device because of this line:“‘I don’t have any blind friends,’ I said. ‘You don 't have any friends,’ she said." (pg 185) This line was meant to make us laugh and lighten up while reading the short story. Another line that shows humor is when he asked Robert which side of the train he sat on knowing that he was blind. “‘Did you have a good train ride?’ I said. ‘Which side of the train did you sit on, by the way?’”(pg 187) A line that shows that Carver used imagery as a literary device is when he described Roberts ' eye. “Too much white in the iris, for one thing, and the pupils seemed to move around in the sockets without his knowing it or being able to stop it.”(pg …show more content…
Who adores his wife Norma Jean and always watches her trying to guess what she is thinking. He always treats his abrasive mother in law with respect and kindness even though she always disrespects him. He always dreams about building his wife a cabin which symbolizes their marriage. Leroy clings to his dreams of building the cabin the same way he clings to his wife. No matter what his wife and his mother in law say he still wants to build it. Leroy doesn 't want to give up the idea of the cabin just like he won’t give up his marriage with Norma. He thinks that building the cabin would help make his marriage better but later finds out that his marriage is as hollow as the interior of the cabin. Soon the symbolic link between his marriage and the cabin becomes clear to

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