Essay about On Line Community for Collaboration

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1. Introduction
In order to gain a competitive edge an organisations should continuously adopt technologies that would ensure that the company is always ahead of its competitors. Technology, especially in the field of Information technology is changing at a rapid rate. The challenge that most organisations are facing is whether to adopt new technology that hasn’t been proven or adopt technology that has been proven as a success. Both of them have risks linked to them. Adopting unproven technology there is a risk loss of money in the event that the technology is a failure but if technology is a success it might give the company a competitive edge. Adopting a proven technology there is less risk of the company losing money but competitors
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Although, according to O’Brien (1999:312) the software is cheap and easy to get, it is important for the customer to know which websites to visit in order to get information about the software required.
Bidgoli (2010:4), argues that in most cases people don’t request marketing information thus making this technology inadequate to market certain products and services and for providing customised information.
With Push technology, information is automatically delivered to a customer from sources or on topics which have been preselected at a set interval or when new marketing information is available Bidgoli (2010:4). With pull technology the information is sent to the customer unlike pull technology whereby the customer has to request information (Bidgoli ,2010:4). Marketing information that is sent to the potential customer could be in the form of intermittent marketing banner appearing on the potential client’s PC (O’Brien, 1999:312). Example is marketing information of new or upgraded accounting software appearing on a person’s PC while browsing internet.
McCarthy (2002:51), suggests that there seem to be changes in the software distribution channels in that a number of the new vendors have been adopting a web-based or application service provider (ASP) distribution model resulting in no more floppy disk or CDROM installations to the local PC or network.
According to (McCarthy,2002:51), ASP is making available for a

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