Community Police Service: Reflection Of The Community

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The police are the public and the public are the police. Sir Robert Peel used the saying to express the fact that police services are made up from people who are in the community. The police protect and represent the community which they originate from. Thus, it is crucial to have a police service reflective of the community. A community police model requires that the service is reflective of the community to ensure maximum efficiency. Also, a police service that represents a community can achieve legitimacy of authority easier. In past years, achieving Sir Roberts Peel’s ideas was relatively easy.
In the past, communities were homogenous. Communities were made up of predominately white protestant males. As such, police service was also homogenous.
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Many frontline supervisory officers are not trained in the management of race relations within their workforce. Additionally, many in the leadership fail to recognize the immediate impact of racism on their racial and ethnic minority officers, and on future recruitment of minorities. Overall, it is evident that the relevance and significance of race relation issues has been underestimated by many chief officers. The persistent racialist language within police services has had a coercive effect on recruitment and on the job …show more content…
Policing is a dangerous job that has the possibility of death while exciting daily duties. As such, officers depend on each other in dangerous situations t show up when calling in for back up. Minority officers felt that reporting others may decrease the possibility of receiving back up when in danger consequently, putting their lives at risk. Moreover, many felt that officers in leadership/management positions will not take their claims seriously. Finally, many reported that complaining about race relation issue would prevent their upward movement with the police hierarchy jeopardizing their long term career

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