Police Stereotypes

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The rate of African Americans shot or killed by police far exceeds the rate for Whites. However, as noted, there remains debate as to why this is the case. Several researchers subscribe to the belief that police discretion, or “differential policing,” largely explains the disproportionality. Others hold that racial imbalance is a reflection of the struggles associated with being a member of a disadvantaged class, including social inequality and economic deprivation(Baker, 2015, p.242).
Another problem is racial stereotypes, and racial stereotyping affect the way in which decision makers, including criminal justice officials, evaluate the behavior of racial minorities.One stereotype despic blacks as being more prone to crime and violence. This stereotype has followed black men since the 1600’s when the first black slaves was brought here by the europeans. Stereotyping has became a part of our culture. Some blacks even stereotype other blacks as being hostile or violence. Culture stereotyping in criminality can cause criminal justice officials to prejudge the behavior of racial minorities before they are even evaluated (Najdowski, Bottoms & Goff,2015).
Police sometimes respond to these bias prejudging thoughts before they even come in contact with racial minorities especially blacks. Police feel
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And family structure..Hispanics and blacks was disportionate represented in the stop and frisk program showed evidence of racial profiling. I do not feel a person should get stopped and frisk because of the color of their skin, but Hispanics and blacks are being stopped in airports when it involves drug trafficking because police said they are some of the main ones doing the trafficking. Hispanics are being targeted at border crossing for drug trafficking (Racial profiling has destroyed public trust in

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