Concept Of Discovery In On First Looking Into Chapman's Homer 'And The Bet'

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The complicated essence of the concept of discovering means to find a sense of discovery through wonder, need and curiosity in an individual perspective. John Keat’s poem “On First Looking Into Chapman’s Homer” and Anton Chekhov ‘The Bet’ displays the understanding of discovery through the text and how an individual is viewed by one another. The depth of discovery is to overcome the challenges and understand through the shift of time and seeing the individual changes that influences the readers to feel the meaning of an individual transforming finding its way to the world.

The decisions to demonstrate wonder is determined by its own answer through overcoming challenges through time. An individual's mind can lead itself to wonder about elements of one place and needing to obtain the information. “I travell’d in the realms of gold… round many western island” demonstrate Keat’s wonder through
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“Apollo” symbolise the greek god of music and poetry by using figurative language to demonstrate the wonder of experience in between also dominating Keat to compare Homer’s writing as he never experienced. “Yet did I never breathe”. “That deep-brow’d Homer” symbolise the personality of Homer as a sage or wise man. Keats uses allusion to bring out the wonder of Homer writing “watcher of the skies” displays the idea of other readers by referring to astronomers that studies the sky. This conveys the changes through time as Homer's text has been translated through time. In contrast to, “The Bet” the characterization is not based on one character but two, the banker and the lawyer perspective arguing on the topic of capital punishment. “ What was the object of that bet? What is the good of that man’s losing fifteen years of his life throwing away two million?” questions the banker

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