The Histrionic Wayfarer Analysis

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The process of procuring insight into one's individuality allows them to contemplate their strengths and weaknesses through a journey of self-exploration. In the visual illustration ‘The Histrionic Wayfarer’, Tim Storrier examines the notion of a ‘discovery affecting an individual’; which also depicted in Shakespeare’s tragicomedy play ‘The Tempest’, through various language features. At the heart of this visual illustration, is a story of an unidentified persona’s discovery of the past. Alternatively the illustration itself clearly portrays how discovery can shape an individual in various ways. For example, the manner in which the subject is standing potentially implies a struggle, as if a force of the ‘collection of findings’ is making the …show more content…
The use of tone within the quote successfully enhances the characters anxiousness, due to the continuous questioning of themselves without a resolution. Furthermore, it reveals how the persona feels through the way the character has addressed the words ‘bootless inquisition’. Shakespeare communicates the idea of how an encounter of the past can affects an individual’s train of thought, as well as leaving them with numerous unanswered questions, whilst making it difficult to speculate upon future possibilities. Similarly, the discovery of the past as portrayed in ‘The Histrionic Wayfarer’ and ‘The Tempest’, evidently show the negative ramifications individuals face, due to an encounter. The effect of the discovery upon an individual, can make it difficult for them to resist and triumph into the future, as portrayed within both of these texts as either a ‘struggle’ or ‘ mental or physical discomfort’. Both Tim Storrier's and William Shakespeare's text portray the idea of a discovery changing an individual’s mindset, emotionally or behaviourally to a particular

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