Ommune System Essay

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The purpose of the immune system is to defend the body against any foreign invaders that might do the body harm by using a series of immune responses to prevent the entry or survival of any foreign body. The human immune system uses three types of responses: barriers, nonspecific defenses, and specific defenses. Barriers and nonspecific defenses are innate or rather they are the defenses humans are born with while specific defenses are acquired throughout our lifetime. The immune system is also meant to destroy any hazardous cells like any infected with a virus or any cancerous cells. It is composed of the thymus, the spleen, the lymph nodes along with a variety of cells like leukocytes and antibodies.
The immune system provides immunity against
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They are found in a number of different systems including the integumentary, respiratory, digestive, and uro-genital. Skin not only acts as physical barrier but sweat is incredible acidic and salty which aren’t ideal conditions for many microbes. Our tears are also a barrier that washes away any microbes that reach our eyes. In the respiratory system the mucus found in our noses and lining our upper respiratory tract captures microbes and tries to remove them typically through cilia that moves the trapped microbe up our throat. The hair in our noses traps microbes found in the air we breathe. The digestive system also has barriers put in place like stomach acid which has a pH of 2 and saliva which contains lysosomes that destroy microbes. Vomit and the passing of feces are methods of physically expelling any microorganisms. Urine gets rid of any foreign body found in the …show more content…
There are a multitude of things that can go wrong and damage the immune system. A human can have naturally weak immune system that makes them easily susceptible to disease and infections or a disease like HIV can weaken it for you. A suppressed immune system can occur due to a multitude of reason and its not always permanent. Some illnesses like influenza weaken the immune system but some are genetic or viral and therefore permanent. On the other side of the spectrum someone can be born with an overactive immune system that reacts negatively to something harmless like allergies. Sometimes the immune system will even turn against the body’s healthy cells and attacks them because for whatever reason it recognizes them as foreign. In many cases the cause of autoimmune disorders is unknown and it can attack multiple body tissue and even affect the way organs work like in the case of type I diabetes. Another problem that can arise in the immune system is when the body attacks a foreign object that is actually beneficial like a transplanted organ or transfused

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