Oedipus The King Research Paper

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What if your parents put you to the dead? How would you feel? Abandoned, Lonely..? When Oedipus was born, the oracle of Delphi had prophecy that he would kill his father, king Laius and marry his mother, Jocasta. To prevent this, king Laius and Jocasta gave his baby to the shepherd to leave on mountain to die. I blame shepard for the catastrophe of Oedipus because Oedipus suppose to die under the order of King Laius, but he saved his life and also he would have avoided telling the truth to the Oedipus about him giving to the messenger. Thus, Oedipus fate and tragedies that could have been avoided was set in place.

It all started, when shepard gave the baby to the messenger. The shepherd's actions led the dreadful prophecy about Oedipus come true. If shepard had killed the baby, as
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It is fate that makes these things "sins" that the person Oedipus killed just happened to be his father or that the woman he married just happened to be his mother. But shepard made this happen by not following king Laius and Jocasta’ orders.

In fact, shepherd should be punished for not following the orders of king and queen. The punishment should be going far away from the Thebes and never returning back. Creon should take action in hand because he is the king of the Thebes.

In conclusion, neither Oedipus nor those around him could do anything to prevent the forbidding destiny for him. You can try to prevent something from happening, but if it is going to happen that it will happen and there's nothing you can do. He was destined to kill his father and marry his mother, and everything that happened once he was born, and it could have only been avoided if he was dead or if shepherd denied saying it was Laius and Jocasta’s

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