Ocd Poem Analysis

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caught my attention because it uses repetition to emphasize the narrator’s Obsessive
Compulsive Disorder. Through this poem, Neil uses spoken word to explain to others how his
OCD and Tourettes affect his day to day life but focuses more on his relationship with the girl that changes everything for him. Neil Hilborn is a moving speaker, and I highly recommend watching his performance of “OCD” on button poetry.
Hilborn uses his own case of OCD to his advantage in his writing, especially with this poem because most of the tics he uses within OCD are in fact actual tics caused by his Tourettes.
Neil uses repetition to his advantage in order to give the listener a sense of what it is like to live as someone with the mental illness OCD. The repeating
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Mental illness is an issue that most people try to avoid talking about, but
Neil wanted to voice his struggles by writing and performing OCD. Within this poem, Hilborn is telling his listeners about how his overwhelming feels for this girl made him want to recoup and use his mental illness to love her even more. He does this by making every kiss perfect, no matter how many times he had to kiss her, he had to make it perfect.
To express the tone of the work, Neil uses a major tone shift about half way through the poem, he shifts from his excitedly telling the reader about his love for this girl, how he wants to be there for her. He tells us that in the beginning of their relationship she embraced his oddities of asking her out over and over, organizing his food by color, carefully avoiding the cracks on the sidewalks, and how is locking of the door eighteen times before they could go to bed made
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her feel safe. But then Neil’s tone shifts when she sees that his mental illness becomes an inconvenience for her, that she couldn’t handle being with someone with such a complex mental illness, because him having to have every kiss be perfect made her late to work, he took up

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