Occupational Hazards And Health Care Essay

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Introduction: Healthcare workers who are focused on providing the best care possible to their patients are exposed to a wide variety of workplace hazards. Some of these hazardous exposures include infections, needle sticks, sharps injuries, back injuries, allergy causing substances, violence, stress, and radiation. “Worldwide, approximately three million needle stick or sharps injuries occur annually during healthcare procedures” (Zaidi, 2012). As a healthcare professional the first goal is to always protect the patient from harm whether it be biological, chemical, psychological, physical, or environmental. The second goal is to protect the health care provider by whatever means necessary. There are certain Infection Control Programs that are designed to provide a safe working environment; they include goals of reducing healthcare associated infections (HAIs) and minimizing occupational exposure to health care workers. “There were an estimated 722,000 HAIs in U.S acute care hospitals in 2011” (CDC, 2011).
These occupational hazards within the health care field are important and matter to the population as a whole. The health care industry needs to be kept safe from the endless risks that are possessed from working in the field. It is important to maintain ergonomic environments in the healthcare industry to assure long-lasting careers. Many factors play a role in this matter including guidelines/protocols, healthcare administrators, OSHA, healthcare practitioners, patients,…

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