Essay on Observational And Social Learning ( Sales Training )

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Observational (Social Learning) in Sales Training
Charles Dunkin
ECPI University

Dr. Anyika King-Gurley
October 11, 2015 Observational (Social Learning) in Sales Training
Sales training is an essential but sometimes overlooked aspect of today’s business environment. All companies realize that nothing happens until a sale is made by someone in the organization. Since sales are made by people interacting with other people the necessary skills that are required can only be truly learned by observing someone actually performing a sale, because of this social learning or observational learning must be utilized by the company in its sales training program. There are essentially four elements in social learning; observational learning, reciprocal determination, self-regulation, and self-efficacy (Cushard, 2011). There are basically three basic fears that sales training must overcome; fear of rejection, fear of talking to people, and the fear of failure. Successful sales training will use the four elements of social learning to overcome these basic human fears.
Observational learning is watching someone else perform a task and then asking the student to perform the same task (Cushard, 2011). In sales training this is accomplished by an experienced salesman performing the necessary steps involved in successfully attaining a sale. The first step in this process is setting an appointment with a sales prospect. This is done by several methods one…

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