Moral Development Observation

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I have observed my cousin for a month. According to my observation, I can see the characteristic of his developmental stage in different aspect, such as cognitive development and moral development. I observed him while he was playing with his classmate and participating the scouting activity. Based on his behavior, I can apply the attachment theory, Theory of Cognitive Development, Moral Development and Emotional Development.

To commence with, let me illustrate the aspect of moral development. According to the stages of moral development by Kohlberg(1971), morality refers to a set of beliefs, values, reasoning, and judgements regarding the rightness or wrongness of human behaviors. I found the characteristic of different
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I can observe the emotional regulation of my cousin when we are bicycling. We rided the bicycle last week. Unfortunately, he has gotten hurt. Before his mother came to take care him, he has not cried. However, when his mother came into hospital and took care him, he has cried. After this experience, we can see that children cry more when mother near by. Children regulating their emotional is affected by the environment. If they feel safe, they can regulate emotional. As he crash the bicycle with his elder cousin, after he has come back home, he asked the situation of his elder cousin and called her to apologize for her mindless. Children develop caring feelings at the stage of early childhood. They feel sorry if they hurt …show more content…
According to the theory of attachment, Ainsworth(1973), ‘Attachment’ refers to the state and quality of the strong affectionate tie we have for special people in our lives that leads us to pleasure and joy when we interact with them and to be comforted by their nearness in times of stress. As I met him on the first day, he was quite afraid me. After auntie and uncle have came back, he went to hug with his mother. It represent that he miss his parents very much. But why does not he hug with his father? It is because he feel more comfortable when he hug with his mother. In my opinion, it is related to the quality of caregiving and his own characteristics. Although my auntie have to work, she take care my cousin very well. However, uncle have to work day and night. He has no time to take care my cousin. That is the reason why my cousin see auntie as the attach figure but not

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