Observation For An Object Or An Event Essays

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According to Marlys Mayfield, Observation means to take time to pay attention to an object or an event. When one observes an object, they will know that they are staying awake and carefully attentive. Mayfield says that using one 's observation skills can strengthen one 's thinking process and create new knowledge in the brain. The observation process works by sensing, perceiving, and thinking. When one forms information in advance before they fully experience or understand, they are sensing. When one perceives, they have now become aware and can identify information through their senses. Then, when one draws conclusions from their information, they are in the process of thinking. Although thinking has many definitions, according to a psychologist, Jean Piaget, thinking is "an active process whereby people organize their perceptions of the world" (Mayfield 32). Therefore, when people observe and detect their thoughts, it reinforces them to think more effectively. When people carefully observe, they may solve problems, gain more understanding, and discover new knowledge. An example of observation can be a dog and how the process of observation had impacted the author to think and feel differently than before.

I used to have little interest in animals, especially in dogs. However, as I grew mentally stronger, I began to understand more adequately. One day, I became in contact with a dog and unknowingly became somewhat attached to its form. It was daylight, and there was a…

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