Dog Ethos Pathos Logos

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Why did God Make a Dog? Throughout the script So God Made a Dog, the author focuses on enhancing why dogs are in this world, and how they affect humans in a positive way. The author utilizes pathos, appeal to emotion, ethos, or ethics, and logos, or reason, to further elaborate and illustrate why dogs are in human’s lives and the positive outcomes that they bring. First is the use of pathos within the script. With the use of dogs and puppies, the author automatically catches reader’s loving, cute emotions. For example, the author begins to discuss why a human may need a dog, he states the line, “I need somebody to wake up and give me kisses”(5). This illuminated a very vibrant, sweet, and lovable tone. The author uses euphonious diction with the phrase, “Give me kisses” to further demonstrate the positive effects of a dog. In addition, the author incorporates personification to further illuminate the adorable impact dogs have on humans. This is illustrated when the author writes, “Somebody who will spend all day on the couch with the …show more content…
Dogs “remain patient and loyal even thru loneliness”(19). Dogs illuminate pathos through humans based on their emotional attachment to them, people are not able to live without their companion that will “stand at their side”(22), no matter what happens. Humans will be able to have a friend and companion that is, and will always be judgment free towards them. Pathos is an essential part of this script in order to truly illustrate the reason god made a dog. Next is how logos influences the reader throughout the script. The audience reading the script understands that dogs are a good friend towards humans, and carry an abundance of benefits to helping humans have a happier lifestyle. But how do they know this is actually proven, and or trusted to be

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