Objectives To Testing Your Website

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Testing Program Any website’s main goal is to attract more visitors and turn these visitors to customers. In order to reach this goal and keep your website in business, it is important to test your website. Testing is scientific approach to continuously evolving and improving your site over time. There are many types of testing programs, however, the three main types are A/B testing, Multivariate Testing and Experience Testing, and I will discuss each one of them in depth.
1- A/B Testing: It is the most common testing type. It is a kind of split testing and it is defined as the process of splitting website into two pages and test them against each other (the original page and a variation page) in order to see which page produces more results.
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You need to have a website platform that supports experience testing.
b. It takes longer than the other methods and techniques.
c. It is more difficult than the other methods and techniques.
Choosing the best method or technique is not the only indicator to test your website, you must know and understand the following:
1- Testing is not limited to landing pages: It should be implemented across the website, wherever visitors are abandoning the website and wherever visitors buy things.
2- Try your tool and your skills with a small experiment in a page that does not require the CEO’s approval to change. Sometimes it is wise to start small and then grow. Once you are familiar with your tool, try a test in an important page but for a small or less profitable segment.
3- Measure multiple goals: while you improve primary conversions you might be decreasing registrations or newsletter signups which might have a negative impact in the long run.
4- Test for different segments: as I have described on Test Segmentation for Higher Conversion Rates, segments such as GEO location and operating systems (Hi, I am a Mac, and I am a PC) can have completely different behaviors, so the tests should also be segmented in order to understand those
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Setting goals should answer the following question “why does your website exist?” Each website will have its own unique objectives. For some, the objective will be to increase pages viewed in order to sell more advertising (media sites); for others, the objective will be to decrease pages viewed because they want their visitors to find answers (support sites). For some, the objective will be to buy as fast as possible (increase revenues); for others, the objective will be to sell only if the product fits the needs of the customer (decrease products returns). Defining goals helps businesses to measures their website convention, which helps them to improve their

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