Obesity Today 's Society : Obesity Essay

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Obesity in today’s society

Obesity is a tremendous problem that has escalated affecting countless of individuals worldwide. Studies have proved copious people are either overweight or obese in all ages and genders. Since individuals have been classified in these conditions, they have contracted many and later on will develop a life threatening health conditions if they continue living in this lifestyle.Such as, type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease,cancer, and many other conditions that can impair their health. I believe that much of the reasons why many individuals have been diagnosed with these conditions because many of them lack exercise. You have to burn off what you consume and that is something we fail to do. Whatever excess sugars and calories are left in the body, without exercising the body will it and it turns into weight. I honestly don 't blame many big fast food industries for the result of individuals gaining weight. Much of it is our fault because we fail to exercise, but we consume more calories than what we are supposed to.

The creation of fast foods has contributed to the progression of overweight and obesity to the public. Many individuals have tried to take action against these industries by suing because of their current condition. We can 't blame these industries because you have gained weight or even worse deadly health conditions after eating the food. There have been studies that have warned society that…

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