Obesity : The Rise Of Obesity Essay

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Obesity is now not only an epidemic in America but a worldwide public-health crisis with increasing high cost for the economy and poor medical consequences. Recent study shows that more than 90% of people asked say that individuals and parents are somewhat or completely to blame for the rise of obesity. But what make one person more or less responsible than other. When we divide the world into groups according to their gender, income, background, race, we can see a clear difference that would hardly be explained based mainly on personal cognition. The fact that environment and the socioeeconomic 's bond was so close knit that create such "fast food culture", such word imply a long established behavior and mentality, make it harder for consumers to get out of the habits and make changes to their lifestyle. The evolution of obesity is a much more complicated issue than just an outcome of people moral collapse.
There is a contrast between different groups of people about the roots of obesity expansion in America and over the world as study showed. Most individuals participated blaming personal factors such as the lack of will or ignorance of parents to their children’s diets, rather than recognizing the impacts of environmental factors. In contrary, the group of scholars and professionals adversely claims that it is the current food environment to be blamed and people will not be able to take over the situation simply by individual willpower (Luke, 2013). It is always better…

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