Obesity : The Obesity Epidemic Essay

1196 Words Dec 12th, 2015 null Page
Genetics’ roles on Obesity As the obesity epidemic continues to overpower and overwhelm the United States, the main cause remains a mystery. Society blames the fast food industry, and a person’s will for their obesity problem, but a problem that seems to elude them is genetics, and how this sets everything in motion. A person’s genes are predetermined, meaning if a person has the “obesity gene” they are predestined to be at minimal, overweight. This being said, it will be easier for an individual with this gene to gain weight, compared to the difficult task of losing weight, the prevalence of fast food businesses doesn’t help. Currently society blames the fast food industry for obesity, instead of blaming genetics or their lack of willpower. A company like Burger King has one job which is to sell burgers and other goods special to them. As their name states Burger King sells burgers, to blame them for obesity is similar to blaming gas stations for providing gas, and allowing gasoline to kill the environment. There is not one solid cause for obesity, but a combination of unlimited factors can allow someone to become overweight or obese. Obese is defined as simply having too much fat by the Harvard School of Public Health, and the way doctors classify individuals as obese or overweight is calculated their BMI’s, or Body Mass Index’s. To determine your Body Mass Index, you must divide your weight (kg) by your height (m2), this is a rough estimate of whether or not someone is…

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