Essay on Obesity : The Obesity Epidemic

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Combating Obesity The obesity disease is one of the epidemics raising a lot of concern in the health sector worldwide. The condition is common among both children and adults. It is true that the majority of the people are ignorant of the lifestyle disease. As such, it’s little consideration one of the most undesirable most disturbing health conditions. The main cause of obesity is a poor nutrition. Most people have poor lifestyle habits in relation to eating, which contribute to the obese condition. People prefer to have different eating habits. However, it is worth noting that the eating habits are controlled by various factors such as finance. Money dictates the foods that people can consume. In most cases, people opt for cheap low-quality foods, instead of the healthy, but pricey foodstuffs. There are sufficient solutions that can help to combat and reduce the obesity epidemic among the low-class groups in the society. Notably, most people understand that obesity is a condition in which a person gains weight beyond the normal healthy standard (Drewnowski, Adam and Specter). The person becomes obese or rather overweight, which is dangerous and undesirable. However, it is important to understand the parameters used to measure the obese condition. On the other hand, obesity is high among both the youth and adults, with the condition becoming increasingly large in children. Argumentatively, it is important to note that the condition is common among the low-class persons.…

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