Essay on Obesity : The Biggest Problem Facing American Children

1314 Words Apr 21st, 2015 null Page
Obesity is one of the biggest problems facing american children in past years. In sixty years much has changed, especially food in the United States and people just recognized that they eat poor quality food. Many health professionals uneasiness about unhealthy lifestyle of children that lead to childhood obesity. Significant role in child obesity play poor diets. Most children diet are pizza, desserts, hamburgers, and consume of vegetables, fruits, healthy oils are not for americans.Hamburger became integral part of american culture. Also huge role in this play fast food restaurants, particularly their aggressive marketing politics on children. They inculcate infants with their perfect commercial and actually are making decisions for them. Companies use marketing techniques to children on television, radio, internet, magazines, video games. Also they make product as packages, toys, clothes, and almost anywhere where a logo or product image can be shown. According to «Fast food Nation» book, fast food companies spent more than 3 billions dollars per year only on TV advertising(Page 111 Mac OS). As an result about 90 percent of american children visited McDonald’s for their Happy Meal with a toy. McDonald’s sells near 10 million Happy meals in typical week. All this facts telling that this big commercial companies are making billions of dollars at the expense of our health. On the other hand it’s our mistake because we are going on occasion of Fast Food Empire.


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