Obesity : Obesity And Obesity Essay

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19.6% of US children aged 6 to 11 years and 18.1% of adolescents aged 12 to 19 years are overweight (NHANES). The given statistic proves that obesity is more common now than ever before. Many people side that fast food restaurants and advertisement are the reason for obesity in America. Although fast food restaurants and advertisements play a role in leading to obesity, it is not exactly why there is more obesity than a little in America. Obesity begins within the households of most Americans by which they diet. Children practice their eating habits from their parents, they eat what is giving to them and eat as much as they see their parents eat. A lot of children become overweight because they are constantly eating junk foods that are accessible. While children could eat fruits as a snack, most choose the convenience of bagged chips. Children also are in no fault of the cultures they are originated into but, many households are of different cultures, which regularly prepare unhealthy meals. Some unhealthy eats of different cultures contain lots of sodium. Children unknowingly sabotage their bodies because of the abundance of detrimental food intake.
Exercise serves purpose in one’s life to stay healthy and even fit, but the lack of exercise has made many become obese. Electronics such as phones, computers, tablets, ipods, etc. have all become a distraction disabling people from routine work outs and even daily walks. Many choose the comfortability of sitting at home on…

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