Similarities Between Fast Food And Obesity

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Fast Food and Obesity Living in a busy fast paced world many of us demand everything now and not later and find ourselves with limited time for an affordable proper meal. In a busy stressful world the last thing many of us pay attention to is our diet and fast food becomes appealing since it’s relatively cheap and quick. The fast food industry heavily markets itself all over the media in an effort to make them look like a good choice. The reality of it is fast food is usually high in fat, energy-dense, low in nutrients and fiber. In fact leading research indicates a connection between the rising obesity rate and fast food “The National Institutes of Health strategic plan for obesity research observed one reason for rising obesity rates may …show more content…
If you are like many consumers we are not very informed on what is considered healthy and the nutritional value of what we eat. In 2010 along with the Patient Protection and Affordable Act laws passed to have restaurants list calorie information on their menus. These laws would require for all restaurants with twenty or more locations to list the information. As stated by Papadopoulos “As the United States has the highest per capita caloric consumption of any other country in the world, empowering consumers with information about their food choices is a step in the right direction toward improving our nation’s health.”. However four years later only the few major cities of New York, Philadelphia, Seattle and the state of California have begun to implement these changes. We need to continue to push our government to begin to implement these changes nationwide. Once these changes are made it came make a bigger impact on the rest of the nation to make more educated choices. There are many people that are well informed of the health risks associated with fast food, but still choose to consume it stating simply that healthy food expensive. Fast food has always been cheaper than healthy fresh food due to its lower quality ingredients. However there are a number government programs in place to help with the cost of fresh healthy food. In many states there are food assistance program such as in California EBT. These programs were made for lower income individuals to be able to purchase fresh groceries that would otherwise be out of the question due to financial

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