Fast Food Contribute To Obesity

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Fast food has been around for some time. Many people say it’s the only thing that contributes to obesity in America. But, is it? Around three years ago, many fast food chains were promising that they would try to contribute to help fight Childhood obesity. Although it was promised, studies have shown they have fell through with their promise. They’re not fighting like they should. I believe that more things other than fast food contribute to obesity, but fast food is cheaper than buying healthy food from the store. All Fast Food chains since then have been advertising that they’re making healthier food menus. They will advertise that they’re using ‘real meat’, or ‘real cheese’, but was it fake before? Can you really have ‘fake food?’ They’ve switched …show more content…
I can agree with this. Although they may bring in an ‘Artisan Grilled Chicken Sandwich,’ they still offer fries and a soda. But, what all are they putting that grill chicken into to fix it, what batter do they use, or the oil to grill it in? You have to look at the other side of the facts. Was the grill that was used for a burger used for the chicken with the same oils? Just because you’re eating a grilled chicken, that isn’t breaded, they might butter your bread just to make it taste sweeter, when they normally wouldn’t do that. ` From Michael Spector, on the “New Yorker”, he stated that Fast Food is becoming healthier. McDonalds had actually switched butter and they no longer use margarine. Also, the restaurant chain no longer sells any type of chicken that were raised on antibiotics. The antibiotics is harmful to human health. Along with the chickens, they no longer sell milk from cows that were treated with anytime of hormones. McDonalds is offering healthier choices such as apples and ‘cuties’, or oranges for Happy

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