Essay Obesity : Obesity And Obesity

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One of America 's hardest struggles to keep up with is the climbing rates of obesity and the hard habit of staying in shape. Obesity refers to the condition of having an excessive amount of body fat. Studies have shown over the years that 38 percent of America 's population are obese. (JAMA) That is nearly almost 80 million people and there is 330 million people living in America which means almost a quarter of Americans are either unhealthy or overweight. Obesity has an effect to make decisions on whether or not to eat unhealthy foods over healthy foods, which also gives a higher risk of diseases such as heart and liver diseases. The obesity rate in America is also high because of the increasing luxury available to them. With all the privileges given to the citizens, the country has become increasingly lazy. With portion size is rising in physical activity decreasing is easy to see how obesity rates have skyrocketed. Although the country is making strides towards a healthier lifestyle, the US government should take more steps to ensure public health and reduce obesity.

One problem obesity has on people is the poor choices they make and the concerning risks they have towards their health. Some people don 't have control over their health for certain reasons, others choose to ignore the fact that they have concerning health problems on the line that may cause damage to their body in the near future. One of those concerning risks are the use of drugs, especially for…

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