Essay Obesity Is The Condition Of Being Grossly Fat Or Overweight

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Imagine living in a constant state of being judged, having a lack of breath and carrying unnecessary weight that is ultimately slicing away precious years of life, well that is what it is like to live obese. Obesity is the condition of being grossly fat or overweight. Although America is built on a great foundation that satisfies Americans by offering endless opportunities and a great life for the average person, there is one downfall to it 's great and mighty name. America has been truthfully named the fattest country. While America takes first place for the most obese country, thankfully there still is hope. While many life threatening diseases are incurable, although it may be hard, it is possible to cure obesity, if not stopped in it 's tracks. Obesity affects both children and adults, but it is taking a large toll on today 's generation of the ages eighteen to twenty five. All it will do to this generation is making them fatter and sicker. In Order to encourage healthier life choices for this generation, many changes in daily habits and food industries need to change drastically in multiple ways. For decades now, weight loss programs have and still are widely promoted in America. From a simple diet plan such as Weight Watchers, to an intense reality television show known as The Biggest Loser, it is evident that obesity has been a problem for quite some time. Although it seems as if obesity should not be that big of a problem due to the great amount of programs…

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