Obesity Is A Huge Problem That Has Wreaked Havoc On Our Health

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Body of Prison “The abundance of cheap food with low nutritional value in the Western diet has wreaked havoc on our health; in America, one third of children and two thirds of adults are overweight or obese and are more likely to develop diabetes and cardiovascular disease.” as attributed to Ellen Gustafson. Obesity is a huge problem that has affected many people throughout the world. Obesity refers to the excess of fat on the human body. Fast food is a booming industry and is sure to stay around for a long time, but Americans need to start eating beneficial foods such as: grains, proteins, vegetables, fruits, and dairy products. Though most people crave the taste of fast food from a fast food restaurant, all they are doing is hurting their body. They are furthering their weight gain by making bad decisions on the foods they eat. Other countries have access to fast food restaurants that are to blame for much of the obesity. The question at hand is why does the obesity rate in the United States surpass those of every other country. People in the United States have an obesity rate of 35.7%; this is based on one third of the population. As of 2014, the United States population was at 318.9 million. Obesity happens when food begins to takes over people 's lives to the point that it is all they can think about. According to Harvard Health Publications, “ the effects of high-fat, sugary “comfort foods” push people toward overeating.” Because of these urges, it makes it harder…

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