Fast Food Advertising Essay

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Today, fast food has emerged as an extremely popular food option for many people. It appeals to all ages and demographics being both convenient and cheap. Compared to traditional restaurants with order-in menus and long waiting times, fast food is true to its name, fast. Many restaurants focus on a specific type of cooking for their menu, being specialized to deal with a certain crowd. People simply flock to fast food now because they are conveniently located and have a variety of foods. Recently, fast food commercials now shown are aimed towards children. The most prominent example features the McDonald’s Happy Meal, which children gravitate towards because of the toy that comes with it. The toy is iconic, coming from something popular that is trending. In appealing to children, the fast food companies are starting early with trying to get the kids to continue consuming their prepared food. Yes, fast food appeals to all ages and demographics, but advertising specifically aimed at …show more content…
Fast food has a lasting impact on food choices for an individual. Researchers have found that “fewer fruits, vegetables, and whole grains are purchased” even after five years have passed and that one of three U.S. adults will have diabetes by 2050 according to the CDC (Center for Disease Control) (Prevention Institute). An individual will not consider the detrimental effects eating fast food in life when the effects will not be felt until later in life. The big fast food chains know these facts, yet take little action as they are only involved with making profit now as efficiently they can. That involves taking advantage of anybody, adults and children alike. The only solution is to give every customer the ability to think about where did the food came from, where and how it was made, and how every purchase benefits the business and not the

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