Essay about Obesity Is A Growing Problem

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Obesity is One of the prominent social issues these days which is influencing on a larger proportion of the population is not only in New Zealand but also at global level. Obesity is growing problem in New Zealand. Obesity is getting too much attention in media and creating public awareness about the problem. In New Zealand, one in three children are obese or overweight, and parents are unable to see their children because their peer group is also obese. The study also shows that 40% Maori children are overweight because of unhealthy eating.

I noticed many people in my neighborhood and family who are overweight. I believe this is very common issues these days because of easy availability of cooked food in eateries and fast food outlets such as McDonalds, KFC, and pizza. People don’t have time to cook because of the busy schedule, so they have access to these stores and eating unhealthy food. Another thing is that fresh food such as vegetables and fruit are more expensive than fast food

I found a fascinating article on food that published on stuff news says that cauliflower and avocados are higher in price than happy meals in McDonalds. A Blenheim nutritionist said that a solitary head of cauliflower now costs $5.99 in Blenheim, despite the fact that it can be as much as $10 in the main stores. A McDonald 's Happy Meal costs $5.60 that informs that organic vegetables are too expensive to afford to buy so the best option to buy fast food such as fish and chips.…

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