Essay about Obesity Is A Growing Problem

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Obesity is and has been an increasingly big problem in the United States. In this article, written by Alan Greenblatt, it talks about how obesity is a growing problem in the United States and how people are trying to control it. The thesis of this article is that obesity has become a huge problem that has began to threaten the well being of the people of the United States. Obesity is beginning to be comparable to tobacco as the leading cause of preventable deaths in America (Greenblatt 76). Since 1991 there has been a 74 percent increase in the obesity rate (Greenblatt 76). This increase has shown its many new effects day after day. For example, a small plane crash caused some people to say that people should be weighed before getting on these small planes because if not weight calculations could be completely off (Greenblatt 76). People continue to blame many outside factors as to why they have became obese. People have sued fast food chains saying that they are the ones who are to blame for the person’s health problems. It has been estimated that fast food companies spend about ten billion dollars on advertisements for their unhealthy food. We spend very little to educate our society as to what they need to do to prevent themselves from become obese (Greenblatt 77). In the article it states, “Basically, we live in a culture that 's engineered to promote obesity”(qtd. Greenblatt). There is still no true group responsible for the rise in obesity. The blame lies between…

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