Obesity Is A Common Health Problem Essay

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As previously discussed throughout this course, there are many requirements that are of concern for all animal species, all the while, each individual has a different nutritional need based on several factors. Meeting an individual’s nutritional requirement is essential for healthy living and potentially can prevent disease. Obesity is a common health problem that is not only a main concern in humans, but pets, as well. Raising obese pets stems from overfeeding, in adequate exercise and feeding an improper diet which can result in many health issues. However, feeding an improper diet does not just cause obesity, it also can cause an excess or deficiency in vitamins and minerals which can also lead to health problems. Primarily focusing on a rabbit’s deficiency or excess of calcium, a deficiency can cause dental problems and frail bones. An excess can cause bladder stones and sludgy urine, also known as urolithiasis. With further knowledge on the importance of calcium it is possible to prevent these problems, and should such problems arise they can be treated effectively.

Calcium is important in a rabbit’s diet because it provides strong dental health and bone structure, similar to that of humans. With a calcium deficient rabbit it is possible to visibly acknowledge clinical signs. Those that are deficient will begin to change their food preference, not completely cleaning up the feed pan may be an indication. A more obvious indication may result in the loss of teeth or…

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