Obesity Is A Chronic Disease Essay

1699 Words Dec 15th, 2014 null Page
Obesity is a chronic disease when an individual has or gains excessive body fat. An individual isn’t obese because of being overweight; it’s the extra body fact that is building up that will affect your health that makes one obese. Obesity is the fifth leading probability for death throughout the world. Statistically about 2.8 million adults perish each year as an effect of obesity or being obese. An individual’s BMI determine obesity including the body fat; BMI stands for body mass index. This information is obtained from the height and weight of a person, if the BMI is 30 through 40 they are considered obese. BMI can be 30 for someone with muscle but has a low body fat; you have to also consider the fact if they have any additional body fat stored; for this you can measure your waist and hips. Obesity starts to stretch out your skin either on the abdomen, arms, legs and more to store the body fat through out the body.
This will start complications for your organs, including the heart, liver, kidney, lungs, and pancreas. The excess fat is living tissue that needs to be supplied with blood just like other parts of the body. Therefore the heart starts working more then it essentially should, its required to pump blood into the vessels of the fat tissue that is around the body as well. Body fat also adds weight making your heart muscles work more to physically move the body. Imagine a heavy weight you wouldn’t move it around much, just as some people tend to lack exercise.…

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