Obesity And The United States Essay

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By the year 2030, 50 percent of the United States population is expected to be obese (Trotter 2016). Obesity is determined using a BMI scale, or body mass index; this tool is a formula that calculates a number to represent an individual’s height to weight ratio. If a person has a BMI of 30 or above they are considered to be obese, while a person with a BMI of over 40, is considered morbidly obese (Berrios L.A. 2016). America is known for having an obese and overweight population; many stereotypes in other countries are centered around the flawed concept of “lazy Americans”, despite the fact that experts believe obesity is much more complex than inactivity and poor diet. Additional opposition to this rhetoric shows that obesity is not confined to the United States; in recent years, the not so coveted title of “most obese nation” was handed to Mexico, putting the United States as the second most obese country in the world.
Unlike Mexico and the United States, many countries have been spared from widespread clinical obesity. This may be a result of local culture; for example, in Japan, the diet focuses on small, yet meaningful portions of brown rice, fish, and vegetables. Smaller portions of healthier foods prevail in many European countries as well. Food is not the only difference in way of life; transportation in many European countries focuses on walking and cycling, and is far less car dependant than the United States. Unfortunately, it seems that this is becoming…

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