Obesity And Its Effects On The Workplace Essay

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More than 36% of adults in the United States are obese, especially the 30 % of women and minorities who work in sedentary office jobs. Being sedentary is a risk factor for many chronic diseases, which may lead to early mortality. For example, studies are reporting rates of increased inactivity level for men and women. These rates for men and women over the last 15 years have risen just over 32% for each gender. Encouraging or mandating employees to take breaks from sitting by participating in walking or stretching every 1-2 hours would improve worker productivity and over the health of the workplace. Office or sedentary jobs are often occupied by about the same percentage of each ethnicity, which is usually around 20% for each ethnicity. There are major gaps of inactivity from 1984 to 2009 for all races. Also, the majority of obese individuals typically live in Southeast or Midwest in the United States.
Exercise can decrease the risk of chronic diseases that could cause premature death. Increasing activity may increase the health of employees, which may also contribute to decreased insurance and health care costs. (Bhattacharya et al., 2005) With healthier employees, there is no need to take out a large insurance coverage because more people are closer to the normal weight and BMI range. This is due to the fact that obese or overweight individuals tend to have more illnesses and spend more money on health coverage. If the overhead company provides this coverage,…

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