Essay on Obesity And Its Effects On Obesity

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Another obesity strategy has been published in October 2011 ‘Healthy Lives, Healthy People: A call to action on obesity in England’, with a new target in reducing the excess weight of the adults by 2020. The strategy stated obesity is everyone’s concern and each individual is responsible for their own health and change their behaviour to lose health (DOH 2011). Additionally, researchers found obesity is strongly linked to increased food portions, food type, food packing and labelling. Food labelling describes as a label found on a food packaging or drink products which contain information about the nutritional value, including a number of calories, fats and list of ingredients (NHS Choice 2016b). The food label must be clear, easy to read and understand, visible and without misleading ( 2016). The familiarity with fast food television advertisements and promotional activity is associated with obesity, limiting this type of advertisement would help to reduce in this kind of food consumption patterns (Norton 2015). Introducing a ‘fat tax’ on snacks and high-sugar drinks are recommended by (British Heart Foundation 2016) to discourage their excessive calorie consumption.
In addition, the nurse plays a crucial role in helping obese individuals to develop realistic goals and expectations by promoting health through education and supporting the individuals to make healthy lifestyle changes (Youdim 2015). Health promotion is focused on enabling individuals to take more…

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