Obesity And Its Effects On Obesity Essay example

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Robert L. Peralta claims that obesity tends to result from race, social class, gender, sexual orientation, education level, and socioeconomic status(SES). In "Thinking Sociologically about Sources of Obesity in the United States" he discusses certain issues such as unequal distribution of goods and resources, geographic availability- places of nutritious foods and unhealthy fast-food, factors: time, facilities, and equipment for exercise, also the availability and level of education as regards to nutrition and exercise that affects the health of an individual(Peralta 200-201). Although effectively explaining most of the factors he believes are the cause of obesity, ineffectively, he does not mention key factors to his useful facts and statistics. Throughout this article Peralta effectively explains a few of the causes of obesity; furthermore he uses an epidemiological and sociological view along with supporting his claims well.
Numerous people, when considering the causes of obesity immediately attribute overeating as the source, Peralta effectively explains how "overeating is an important and obvious factor contributing to obesity" by articulating about the amount of foods high in fat and sugar has increased by at least twenty percent since 1977 (Peralta 203). The Mayo Clinic Staff mentions that one of the causes of obesity is an unhealthy diet and eating habits, stating, "Weight gain is inevitable if you regularly eat more calories than you burn."(Mayo Clinic Staff).…

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