Essay on Obesity And Its Effects On Obesity

1440 Words Dec 16th, 2015 null Page
Obesity remains one of the social ills experience in today’s contemporary society, especially in developing nations. Nations that experience a large sense of prosperity suffered continuous setbacks from obesity with the rising cost of obesity, the United State spent an estimated $190 billion on the annual fees from medical expenses. In order to combat the issue, the United States started a campaign against obesity by encouraging people to eat healthy and notify the public about known cardiovascular diseases and diabetes. Unfortunately, the public continues to ignores the warnings providing by the United States Government and continue to divulge in consuming junk food. The six main issues surrounding obesity derives from people not viewing obesity as life threatening, the cheap meals available in the market, the difficulty for people to accept change, and the rising cost of obesity . Moving towards to what some may say regulations prove successful in curbing, but there are some areas proved a failure in aiding in lowering obesity rates. Obesity truly remains a difficult issue to effectively solve in any period of time affected a more consecutive number of people in today’s contemporary society. Foremost, one of the reason obesity faces a rise in their rates due to people viewing obesity as non life threatening. The person rather focus on the personal responsibility of an individual, knowing they can actually lose the weight if they ever try. Frankly, the mentality in…

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