Obamacare Is Driving the Wedge Even Deeper Between Socio-Economic Classes.

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Skylaar Ford Essay #6
The Affordable Care Act is Driving a Wedge Between the Socio-Economic Classes.

Question at Issue: Will the Affordable Care Act exaggerate the difference between socio-economic classes?
Argument Sentence: The Affordable Care Act is exaggerating the difference between socio-economic classes because the ACA encourages employers to cut employee hours.
Premise: Any law that encourages employers to cut employee hours will exaggerate the difference between socio-economic classes. The majority of college students hold jobs while studying so that they can pay rent and phone bills, and occasionally go to the movies or out to dinner. We get the money for these bills and activities through bi-weekly paychecks. We
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Robert Samuelson supports the idea that the ACA’s costs and complexities are going to deter some companies from hiring, and that it would be divisive to the socio-economic classes. In “Both Sides May Lose the battle over Obamacare” from October 25’s Register-Guard, Samuelson states that as a result of employers not being able to afford health care for all employees, hours must be cut. A business only has reduce hours to under thirty a week in order to avoid paying health care. Once this cut is made, a previously full-time employee is taking home 100-200 dollars less each paycheck. This unfortunate trend will continue and even increase: 15% of larger employers and 20% of small businesses plan to reduce employees’ hours or benefits according to a recent survey by the International Foundation of Employee Benefit Plans. For example, both Trader Joe’s and Home Depot have stopped providing health care to part-time employees, and Forever 21 plans to cut hours and reclassify some employees as part-time. In fact, businesses all over the country, compelled by the financial strain introduced by the ACA, are making similar decisions. Once the ACA goes into effect, even more businesses will be forced by the financial reality of the Act to reduce employee hours. As the wage earning potential of part-time employees shrinks, we can expect more drastic changes to the economy.
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