Obama Care Paper

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19 April 2011
What can be done to help health care cost? The main cause for the healthcare reform bill is the rising cost of health insurance for the American citizens. From the 1960s to the 1980s healthcare spending went from $28 billion to $255 billion. By the beginning of 2000, healthcare spending increased to $1.4 trillion. The United States economy has slowly declined due to several factors, the cost of health care is one. Presidents, state representatives, hospital and insurance executives, and economists have tried to attack this huge deficit. There are several things that can be done in order to reduce rapidly increasing health care spending. Some actions that could benefit the United States economy is the stop of wasteful
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It is always good to ask questions about how to treat yourself if you have a mild illness. Contact the nurse-on-call service or local clinic. The average family can save hundreds of dollars by going to free clinics or the local community health clinic. Many senior citizens get their blood pressure checked at Kroger or Wal-Mart to save on gas and the doctor copayments. Walgreens and other corner store pharmacies offer flu shots and preventative health screenings at little or no cost for families. Another solution that should happen is to not increase the health insurance every year and provide families with multiple discounts. It is a great idea to provide discounts to add someone on Medicare on your insurance. It will give room to those that do not have a support system and have to have Medicare or Medicaid. HMOS should not be in an option in Medicare insurance. HMOs have not helped reduce the Medicare expense at all. It is a rising cost for elderly citizens. There are several senior citizens that are not able to pay for their medical needs. There are quite a few actions that can be taken in order to reduce the rapidly increasing cost of health care reform. If medical fraud can be addressed in a huge way, insurance companies will be held accountable for their fraudulent polices, and patients will be honest with their claims. It will also be beneficial for the medical facilities to create ways to cut cost.

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