Essay about NVQ Understand how to make telephone calls

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Understand how to make telephone calls

1.1 - Describe the different features of telephone systems and how to use them
Hold – so that you can hear them but they can’t hear you, for example if the person you rang asked a question and you didn’t know the answer, you would put them on hold to ask someone within the business.

1.2 - Give reasons for identifying the purpose of a call before making it
To understand the purpose of the phone call will make it so that you know what you are talking to the person about.
I.E. if I had a relevant job for a specific candidate, I wouldn’t speak to them about something that was completely irrelevant to their skill set.

1.3 - Describe different ways of obtaining the names and numbers of people
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1.8 - Describe organisation structures and communication channels within an organisation
Organisation channels occur when different jobs are allocated to different people, for example, Karinna and Steve deal with sourcing jobs and then sourcing the candidates current where as I deal with structuring the candidates CV’s when they are sent through to me to make them branded and chronological. As there are only three people who work at Concur Engineering at present the communication channel is face-to-face. However if Steve and/or Karinna were out of the office I would either divert the phone to them or just take a name and number and email it to them.

1.9 - Describe how to follow organisational procedures when making a telephone call
“Hello is this …, I am just ringing regarding …, are you able to talk?” 1.10 - Explain how to report telephone system faults
I would report telephone system faults to Steve, who would then follow it up with our operator (BT) or depending on what the fault was possibly buy a new telephone.

Understand how to receive and transfer telephone calls

2.1 - Describe how to identify callers and their needs
To identify callers needs I would answer the phone with ‘Good Morning/Afternoon, Concur

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