Nvq Level 3 Unit 1 Essay examples

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Unit 1 Answers

1.1 People communicate for different reasons. To express themselves, to be able to relate to another person, to gather and share information, advice, help and support a person.

1.2 Good communication in the work setting enables staff members to work efficiently, provide both quality and speed in their job roles, communicating to ensure work is complete and knowing where staff are and what they are doing. Bad communication can cause tension between staff so no communication is given or received from one another resulting in work not being complete.

2.1 Information from family, friend, and G.P is passed to care staff regarding any communication difficulties a person may have, Talking to a person about how they
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3.1 All individuals communicate in different ways and their background has the biggest influence on that i.e. how a person is brought up, where they were brought up. People with different accents say words differently, people who speak with slang say words others might not of heard before, some people move their hands around a lot when talking, gesturing using hands and arms is another way of communicating, people from different countries who speak English but also have a foreign accent with the language. People who use sign language have different ways of signing. There is also slang in sign language.

3.2 Barriers can include hearing/sight impairment, having the wrong attitude or body language. Not having any supportive equipment if needed to communicate.

3.3 To be aware if someone has difficulty communicating and if so find an effective way to communicate with them. Use correct equipment if needed ensuring it is always in working order i.e. hearing aids.

3.4 One to one communication, meetings, professional opinions.

3.5 Rising concerns to an individual’s G.P, asking for referrals to the speech and language team (salt) to assess an individual to see if they require any help or medical attention.

4.1 Confidentiality means to be able to keep information to yourself, not disclosing any kind of information with anyone who is not

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