Essay about Nvq Level 2 Health and Social Care

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Explain why personal hygiene is important
Personal hygiene is essential for good health and well being
Having a clean and respectable appearance and pleasant environment is key to maintaining the self-esteem of older people.
The better they feel, the more they can enjoy life, making life more pleasurable for both them and for the staff.
For most adults, hygiene is a personal and private concern. When you are helping someone with personal hygiene it's important to be sensitive and tactful, and to respect their dignity.

Describe the effects of poor personal hygiene on health and well-being Poor hygiene can cause skin complaints, unpleasant smells and bacterial or parasitic infections. This can
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* Don't forget your own safety. If you have to help the person get into the bath, make sure you don't strain your back. If this is becoming a problem, talk to an occupational therapist about equipment to help you (see 'Aids and equipment', below).

Identify risks to own health in supporting an individual with personal hygiene routines
Identify risks to own health in supporting an individual with personal hygiene routiThe risk of infection is everywhere and when helping people with personal hygiene these risks are increased through direct physical contact and proximity to bacteria, viruses and other microscopic organisms. | |

The most important precaution is keeping your hands clean - dirty hands are the surest way to spread infection. It is important to keep yourself clean, keep yourself healthy and keep pathogens under control.
Our personal protective equipment also helps to keep micro-organisms under control and stop the transfer of pathogens from us to others.

ASSESSMENT TEN Identify others who may be involved in supporting the individual to maintain personal hygiene Apart from yourself and the person who is being supported additional support can come from a number of sources – other staff, family and friends and people with professional expertise.

Identify underlying issues that may be a cause of

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