Nutrition for Sport Essay

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An athlete needs to ensure that they consume enough fuel to complete activities undertaken. The amount of energy required depends on many factors including size and weight of the athlete, level and intensity of the training, and due to this the amount of energy required varies from person to person. However if more energy is consumed than required, the excess is stored as fat and weight will increase, on the other hand if insufficient energy is consumed the body calls upon its stores to meet the demand and weight will be lost.
To consume a balanced diet we need to consume items from the macro and micro nutrient groups. Macronutrients comprise of carbohydrates, lipids and protein. Carbohydrates are quickly accessible and
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Using this information there is a deficit in each area, see Appendix 2.
When dissecting the food diary one good point found is that no alcohol was consumed. Unfortunately there are many bad points, there is not much water/fluids over this period (only 1.25 litres), the only fruit and vegetables consumed were bananas & broccoli, however she did have some frozen vegetables. There was a lot of processed food that is generally high in salt. The breakfast was very high in sugar, which is not the best start to the day. The athlete only had 3 meals a day; with long periods between each meal, this could have an effect on performance. The CHO:Lipids:Protein spilt was okay, 56:24:20 (%).
Due to the deficit of nutrients, she was lacking in the required vitamins and minerals. The main concerns were retinol was far to low, over the 3 days she should of consumed 1800mcg but only consumed 644.25mcg. Retinol is essential for normal colour vision & healthy skin. Another concern was over the amount of vitamin c, she consumed nearly double the RDA; excessive intake can result

in kidney reabsorption efficiency. The last major concern is the amount of sodium that she consumed; again she had nearly double the RDA An excess in sodium can result in excessive sodium can lead to fluid retention, which in turn can turn into high blood pressure (McArdle et al. 2013). Hence supplements might be needed here. It is

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