How To Write A Diet Analysis Essay

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Let me start off my saying that this was a very eye-opening experience for me. Although I found it difficult to record everything I would eat for a whole seventy-two hours, this activity has showed me that I really need to make some changes to my diet. However, the most difficult part of this whole process was probably the actual recording my food intake. Every time I would sit down to eat something, whether it was a whole meal or a small snack, I would have to pull out my phone and record every specific thing I ingested. The primary tool I found most useful was the My Fitness Pal app, as it gave me both the macronutrient totals and calorie total for almost every food I ate. I had already downloaded the app beforehand and linked to my fitness …show more content…
With big-name companies like McDonald’s, Burger King, and all sorts of “junk” food industries constantly bombarding the American public with advertisements, Americans constantly finding them themselves eating at these fast food establishments. Despite the food’s convenience and good taste, the foods are largely unhealthy and only makes it even more difficult for those eating it to keep fit. Through the experience of tracking my food intake over a three day period, I found that my current diet is wholly unhealthy. Not only will my current diet not help me maintain my health in the long term, but it also has its shortcomings in the short term including the constant feeling of hunger. Thus, there are a whole host of changes I want to make to my current diet. Two of my biggest goals for change are decreasing my intake of carbs and increasing my intake of protein. This can be done by being more cautious of the foods I eat and limiting the amount of “junk” food while also trying to incorporate more meats and proteins into my meals. Being a young seventeen year old, my body is still developing and I need a nutritious and healthy diet to nourish my growing body and help me maintain my health in the long

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